The Vineyard

For decades now, Josef and Johannes Hirsch have operated the estate according to a personal creed: To work together with nature, and not against.

We have been using compost as a natural fertiliser since 1978. This compost comes from right in our own neighbourhood, from long-time friend and comrade Robert Paget. Paget’s goats and buffaloes not only provide the cheese factory with outstanding milk, but also ‘produce’ splendid fertiliser for the Hirsch vineyards. All of our vineyards today are cultivated biodynamically, according the guidelines of respekt – BIODYN.

Greater vine density in planting, meticulous management of the foliage canopy and stringent crop reduction are essential aspects of conscientious vineyard care. In 2013 we made our transition to the gentle pruning methods practised by Simonit & Sirch.