Organic Fertilizer

It’s all about buffalo shit!

Only natural fertilizers are employed in the vineyard, which are sourced from his old friend and companion, Robert Paget, who is an artisan cheese maker. The goats and buffalos that produce the superb raw milk used for Paget’s cheeses are also the source for the rich natural fertilizers applied in the Hirsch estate’s vineyards.


Our final red wine harvest

a radical step….

Johannes Hirsch made a radical departure from the norm with his very last red wine harvest. Immune to the then-current trend, he cleared out all of the red wine vineyards, since then planting and producing Grüner Veltliner and Riesling exclusively.


Roman wine

for the Gasthaus zum lustigen Bauern

An experiment for the Gasthaus zum lustigen Bauern (at the sign of the Merry Farmer) in Zeiselmauer: an ‘ancient Roman’ wine made with fruits and honey.


The screw cap

and goodbye to the cork…

This year we said auf Wiederschau’n to cork and made the decision to bottle and ship our entire portfolio – without exception – under screw cap. And of course this set off a tempest of animated discussion! Today, the screw cap has long since established itself as the best of all non-cork closures, even for particularly fine wines destined for long-term aging.


The transition to biodynamic viticulture

for us it has always been clear…

that this was the logical development of father Josef Hirsch’s practices… He was already using organic compost exclusively as fertiliser by the end of the 1970s.


Nomination for ‘Austrian of the Year’

harvesting the laurels

We were nominated this year by the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse for the title Austrian of The Year in the category ’Business Innovations‘ for our pioneering work with the screw cap closure.


Organic certification

viticulture in harmony with the rhythms of Nature

This transition was a logical step for us. We have committed ourselves to the preservation of biodiversity in the vineyard, to integrated composting, to working the vineyards by hand and employing the gentlest possible cellar-practices.


Falstaff magazine Winegrower of the Year

a prestigious distinction…

Austrian wine magazine Falstaff selected us this year as Winzer des Jahres. This counts as a substantial confirmation of the path we’ve chosen to follow. [PDF Download Falstaff article]


A gentler method of pruning

to strengthen our vines

We adopted the methods of gentle pruning that the Marco Simonit and Pierpalo Sirch developed in Friuli. This style of pruning contributes greatly to vigorous growth and strengthening of the vines, helping them to draw nourishment more effectively from our healthy soil. www.simonitesirch.com