Kammern – Gateway to the Kamptal

If one approaches the Kamp headed upstream from the Danubian plain, then the municipality of Kammern is truly the gateway to the Kamptal. From the historical perspective, it is the scene of old settlements – Hadersdorf/Kammern was already being mentioned in official records in the year 865 AD, and has officially been a market-town since 1365. A great deal of building material from the late middle ages and early Baroque is still preserved here; splendid old town houses with decorative façades attest to the prosperity of its citizens in those days. The spacious and shady Marktplatz with its harmonious ensemble of structures easily leads visitors to get the impression that time has stood still in Kammern.

The current community of Kammern was originally a manor-farm with twenty-eight connected dwellings belonging to Stift Zwettl, administered by the Cistercian monks; the settlement was bestowed upon Hadersdorf in 1760 by means of a benificence.

Johannes Hirsch has always been quick to emphasise the heritage and origin of this wines as coming specifically from Kammern. And thus he has made the village known among winelovers throughout the entire world. Kammern means more than merely the native soil to Hirsch, but his source of energy and the focal point of his creativity as well. Only here can Johannes make wines that articulate his vision and concept; only here do the soils and climate offer the conditions under which he can mould his inspirations into reality. At the same time, the landscape serves him as a source of renewal; he values its tranquillity, the diversity of plant life, and the view that many of the hillsides offer.