The Climate

Situated at some 200–300 metres above sea level, the winegrowing region Kamptal enjoys a climate favoured by its southern and southeastern exposure, influenced as well by the nearby Danube River on one side and the effects of the cold and windy Waldviertel on the other. This results in hot days during the summer as well as long and sunny periods in the autumn, when the warm Pannonian air currents coming from the southeast are quite noticeable. And, they are met by cool winds flowing in from the raw northwest, making for cool nights even in the summertime. These contrasts are ideal for growing thick-skinned berries, shaping fine and fruity aromas and delivering plentiful vibrant acidity. At the same time, the barrier of the Manhartsberg and the tall forests of the upper Kamptal protect the region from any biting cold. The long vegetation period lasts well into late autumn, which gives the grapes ample opportunity to ripen fully.