Into the decanter

Take just a little time…

If you wish to enjoy our HIRSCH wines at their very best, please take the time to open your bottle well in advance and carefully decant the wine into a ZALTO carafe.

Our wines will love this bespoke attention. Whoever makes the effort shall be rewarded with a truly remarkable experience; our wines come alive and the distinctive characters of each single-vineyard site evolve in the glass – with the spice, freshness and complexity of the Kamptal wine region being expressed to perfection.

The power of distinctive forms

Our Grüner Veltliner and Riesling wines now have a new outfit, and with this new wine label design, we are able to express our philosophy: clear, pure, elegant.

At the same time, our new labels are a play on words with our family name. The HIRSCH deer stands for an intimate relationship with nature and the HIRSCH rider represents the pioneering role that holds our winery and our wines.